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11:11 Total Life Transformation Program

Transform from a Human to a Numen!

$11.11 per month for 11 months

Heal Yourself From All Pains & Problems in Life!


This program includes:


- 2 Past Life Hypnotherapy Sessions (6 months interval)

- 2 Negative Energy Removal R.A.A.H Sessions (6 months interval)

- Monthly Spiritual Life Transformation Coaching

- Monthly Guided Meditations for Each Month for 11 Months


Every pain or problem exists in our life to teach us different lessons and learning those lessons is the primary reason why we have taken this birth on earth. Through hypnotherapy, we will be able to get to the root cause of your problem and understand the lesson that issue is trying to teach you. Once you learn the lesson, you will be healed from that pain or problem.


Pain exists in our physical body and blockage exists in our energy body. With Hypnotherapy, we will be able to heal our physical body and with Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing we will be able to heal our energy body from all negative energies and entities. Doing both treatments ensures that you are completely healed.


Hypnotherapy and Reiki Angelic Healing is usually done as multiple sessions depending upon the number of issues that you are experiencing in your life. It is not "heal everything in one session" type of therapy. Just like how you would have different medicines for different problems, you might need multiple sessions for different issues. This is why 2 sessions of each are included in this program.

After you have done these sessions and learnt the lessons you will be healed from your current pains and problems. But, in order to keep you away from such problems occurring in the future, you will need to learn the laws of the universe and how to understand the messages being conveyed to you by your higher self. This is why Monthly Spiritual Life Transformation Coaching is included in this program so that you can learn to lead a happy life by following the guidance of your higher self every single day.


As you may already know, Meditation is a very important tool to connect you with your higher self and also to heal you from your problems in life. Depending upon the problems you're facing in life, different meditations will be given to you each month to help you overcome the obstacles in life.


This program is created specifically for people in a tough financial situation with very low monthly payments to help you transform from a mind-led life (Human) into a spirit-led life (Numen) bringing back love and happiness into your life.