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Vishnupriya Aristo

Following my spiritual awakening, I realized my mission on earth is to help the planet with its ascension. To carry out my mission I stepped out of my materialistic life and began my journey towards spiritual life. The best way to raise the frequency of the planet is to awaken as many souls as possible and the easiest way that I found to do this was through energy healing. Your physical mind might tell you that you're suffering from foot pain, diabetes, arthritis or any other health, relationship or financial problems in life. But the true problem is only one missing link which is your disconnection with your higher self. Once you get connected and spiritually awaken yourself, all the problems that you perceive in your life will disappear. My duty as a spiritual healer is only to connect my clients to their heart and their higher self will take care of the rest. I'm just a channel and it is your higher self who is doing all the healing for you. 

Lots of Love,